biker, hiker, popsicle eater. Conservative Seeker. Love to party with friends and strangers. This will be my 4th year at BM. Love gadgets. Love fast cars, fast motorcycles and guns. Love golf and tennis. Love being outside even when its crappy. I will turn 55 this year and kinda like being a wise guy. I play pratical jokes so beware. I have a good sense of humor and dont get too upset about too many things. I accept and try to understand. I may piss you off when I say something before I think about it so dont get your panties in a wad about something I say especially after a few adult beverages. I try to work out at the gym 3 - 4 times a week lifting weights and doing cardio stuff. I feel comfortable in my skin although I dont like looking old because I dont feel old. I like who I am and I like my friends. I have been married - mostly happliy for 26 years to the same woman. I have a very traditional boring life but like the venture out onto the wild side at burning man and a few other times. I can be a crazy s.o.b. but am often quiet and reserved. I think alot about life and why shit happens. blah, blah, blah. enuff about me. what about you?


I found the coolest place for clothing at Alkai Beach.  The name of the place is Peppers and the owner is Pepper, a very hot brunette.  I bought some really cool shit there yesterday.  The address is 2530 Alkai Ave.  Its a small shop near Dukes on Alkai Beach.  Used clothing that has been “altered” with fur, sequins, patches and weird stuff.  Retro stuff, glittery stuff and highly cool stuff, shoes, hats, boas, dresses, gowns, ties, fur, you name it.  Go there and buy more stuff.  Especially you cw!

Much discussion on the topic at this blog for RV’ers.  From what I can tell, theres not much difference in fuel ecomony but the RV will probably handle better with 500 less pounds of water weight.  Do we want to wait in line to get potable water in Gerlach?  Could we send an RV or car into town mid week to fill up water containers if we start to run low?  Should we filter our pee?   https://rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/23395499/print/true.cfm

for the birgins, make sure you have el wire, glowing jewelry or other lights on you for nightime adventures.  art cars drive around all over the place and the drivers are not necessarily focused on driving.   Out on the playa there are no roads.   Its like a lake full of big boats, little boats, jet skis, inner tubes and little duckies.  People get run over.  Bones get broken and for your convienence, there is also a morgue for the less fortunate ones.  Get Lit my friends!  Also, bikes are fun at night but make sure you have a headlight, a tail light and a bunch of el wire.    Also, have a basket, bag or a really nice rack (not boobies) for your bike for carrying stuff around.

OK, here’s another one.  This year I am bringing Via coffee.  I know the Tin man will have is espresso maker but not me.  Last year I brought my French press.  Good coffee but the spent coffee grounds are a pain to deal with and RV’s dont have garbage disposals.

Dont bring it!  Last year, one of my RV mates brought a huge container of tabuli salad which she munched on all week.  Great for her but it took up way too much space in the fridge.  Even when it was almost done, it took up the same amount of space.  I recommend ziplocks for stuff like that.  It allows more room for beer.

OK, its not a trick, just trying to get your attention.  Ha!  It worked.  I usually bring a case or two of bottled water, you know the plastic that fills up our landfills.  That’s part of the reason we have landfills.  Otherwise, they would only be half empty.  I prefer my landfills to be half full.  Anyway, Sip or pour about an ounce out of each bottle, then freeze them.  It you ignore my advise and freeze full water bottles, you will not get the correct outcome and will curse the Buddha, so consider yourself warned.  On the day of departure to the playa, pack your cooler and fridge, then use the frozen water bottles as ice.  Big bodies of ice stay frozen a lot longer than than crushed ice.   Throughout the week, refill your water bottles about 80% full and put them into the freezer as space allows.  There’s nothing better than super cold water on the playa.  Plus, when you strike out on an adventure day or night, the water stays colder for longer.   More tips later.  Ciao

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