Here is a very informative read as we are getting ready to hit the road (in exactly 2 weeks from now!). Lots of excellent tips, especially if you bring a trailer, but worth reading for all:

I am not trying to scare you, but nearly every year, I have seen dangerous situation on the way to and back.

-3 years ago on the way to the playa, a deadly frontal collision happened just between us and our friends just few minutes ahead of us on highway 58 in Oregon. The road was blocked for 8 hours. We ended up having to take a 4h detour.

-Last year on the way back next to Cedarville: Someone just fell asleep in front of me and went out of the road. Luckyly, having one wheel in the ditch must have awaken the driver, just on time to steer back on the road in a big cloud of dust. He did not even stop for a break, the adrenaline rush must have been strong enough! Another one, same night, had a trailer swinging so dangerously, that I thought he would fly of the road at some point.

-Last year on the way to, in Oregon, highway 97: One of us got stopped and warned for not letting enough space between them and the vehicle in the front. Good reminder.

-Nearly every year: people are loosing stuffs from their cargo, breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

For those coming from the NW: Be extra careful when driving on the NV-447 (between Cedarville and Gerlach): There is a high chance of coming across rancher with cattle. And road sides are extremely soft and deep. Stay on the road and wear big boots if you take a pee stop :-)

And if you start seeing “things” on the road, it’s really beyond time to take a big nap or let someone else drive :-)

Last thing:gas is about 20c cheaper in Oregon and Washington than California, so don’t forget refill at Klamath Falls on the way to. With RV and trailers, the difference is significant.

Have a very safe drive and see you all the playa very soon!

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