Hey All,

I now know for sure that I’ll be able to join you burners !

In order to celebrate, I recorded my mix yesterday :)


It’s a bit on the eclectic side, and done in a kind of a hurry, but still, I hope it gives an idea of the type of music I like to play. More to come soon (maybe a little more techno-ish, next time…)


8 Responses to “Musical forecast…”

  1. Oh, yeah, and, there’s also a few screw-ups in there. Sorry bout that !

  2. Very cool! The first track is perfect for BM afternoon chillout sessions. Nice work JayDee!

  3. Thanks !

    Hopefully I’ll have time to record a couple more soon.

    • I like a lot the “Back from the Cook” mix too: Peter Kruder’s “Law of Return” is giving me shivers!
      It sound a bit like Boards Of Canada.

  4. Not bad, not bad at all, DJJD!

    “little more techno-ish, next time” sounds pretty good too… when is next time, exactly? ;)

  5. Hmm, dunno… maybe this coming sunday, if the auspices are good :p

  6. Great…when is the next one coming out??!!! Only few more weeks before BM!!

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