I found the coolest place for clothing at Alkai Beach.  The name of the place is Peppers and the owner is Pepper, a very hot brunette.  I bought some really cool shit there yesterday.  The address is 2530 Alkai Ave.  Its a small shop near Dukes on Alkai Beach.  Used clothing that has been “altered” with fur, sequins, patches and weird stuff.  Retro stuff, glittery stuff and highly cool stuff, shoes, hats, boas, dresses, gowns, ties, fur, you name it.  Go there and buy more stuff.  Especially you cw!

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  1. Spanky and I went to see Pepper yesterday and found a few interested things…
    She has a lot of very original clothes; prices vary a lot depending on the uniqueness and amount of work.
    Thanks for the tip!

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