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Rave de Crème Brulées 2012: Come visit us in Black Rock City in the shade of the "Dodecagon", for afternoons of Deep House, Psy-Trance and Dubstep, while cracking the crust of a freshly made Crème Brulées! Later, the "Playa Reactor", our portable-sound-system-on-a-bike, will bring the party to the playa! Show us your best tricks on the trampoline, get a cocktail refill when the bar is open, or get a kinky tatoo. And don't miss the aperitif followed by the white outfit parade and photo shoot under the black-lights on Wedenesday evening.


Welcome to the Kreme Burners wiki!


  • Aug 3rd 2012: The Task assignment list 2012 is ready for consumption! You can edit the file yourself and fill your name directly or you can send a message with your preference (recommended if you are not familiar with Wiki editing). We'll provide you with your own task list once all tasks are filled up. The 2012 BM plan details update is in progress. The Members page is also updated with the 2012 participant, dates of arrival and departures (please update if incorrect).
  • July 2012: We are placed at 9:30-B this year! Still Funky town. Closer to the esplanade. We finally all found tickets. 21 of us are so far going with 4 more eventually. We have 9 birgins! All excited! We have a few more weeks to get everyone ready. Explore this wiki and all its links to familiarize yourself with the playa life and the camp, what to expect, what to prepare, how get ready for maximum awesomeness!
  • We just filled the 2012 Theme Camp Placement online form today, March 7th 2012. That means we could get an opportunity to purchase some of the missing tickets for the camp at the $390 price from the last 10K tickets. Hopefully we'll get placed at the same spot as last year (8:50-F) which was FABULOUS!
  • We should all feel extremely proud for leaving our 2011 playa spot in totally green state! Good job everyone!
  • You all know the ticket situation. We are still missing a bunch, but we are luckier than some apparently with about half of us having already tickets. I remain confident that we'll all find tickets. Don't give up!
  • Here are a few great souvenirs from 2011:
Assembling the Dodecagon

Everything is up

Enjoying the shade

Even the trampoline is ready

Kreme Burners Parties

Kreme Burners Parties

Kreme Burners Parties Kreme Burners Parties

Kreme Burners Parties, DJ Wubson spinning Kreme Burners Parties

Trampoline time Trampoline time

Too much creme brulees?

Opening the bar Opening the bar

That's all you really need

Old News (2011 preparation)

  • Our camp has been placed on the playa! Back in April, we filed the 2011 Theme Camp Placement online form. We received a 100x100ft space in the 8:45~9:00 Funeral, pretty much our first choice.
  • Urgent: We don't have dues, but we still have a bar. We need to have the bar filled up for our events. Please add to the Bar content page what you are planning to bring, so that we can more or less coordinate a variety of drinks. The minimum recommended amount is 1L of liquor per person and about 2L of juice / soda / mix. Thanks!
  • The shade structure is built! Thanks for helping building it! It looks great and it's not even decorated!

Dodecagon birth

Dodecagon birth inside

  • Mike and Angela and their electric sidecar are joining our camp! Woohoo!

Mike And Angela

  • Jon and Teya, who are just coming back from Critical Massive with a ton of excitment, are also joining our camp! Welcome to have your first burn with us, in a tent!
  • Barbie is joining the camp. Like last year, she will travel with Buddha and will have a tent in the camp. Welcome Barbie!
  • Marlene has a playa name: Triple_D!
  • Time to reshape a bit the map!


  • 2012 BM plan details: detail list of all the activities for our theme camp at Burning Man 2012, the lastest update to the map, the list of large preperation work items, the master schedule, duties and the pre-departure check lists (individual and collective).
  • Members: list, emails, and role of all the current members of the theme camp.
  • Pictures from previous years and year round parties. Also links to galleries of friends and famous playa photographers.
  • Videos from previous years on the playa and year round parties.
  • Resources: both internal and external links to help you prepare the best burn ever.


  • 2011 BM plan details: detail list of all the activities for our theme camp at Burning Man 2011, the lastest update to the map, the list of large preperation work items, the master schedule, and the pre-departure check lists (individual and collective).
2010 Kreme Burners Camp front

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